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Article Updation for Assam State for Digital e-stamping



Article Updation for Odisha State for Digital e-stamping



Article Updation for Chhattisgarh State for Digital e-stamping



NeSL IU Authentication Mechanism



Change in DDE E-Sign URL’s
NeSL/FC/2021/0025 19/04/2021 Article Updation for Rajasthan State for Digital e-stamping
NeSL/FC/2021/0024 16/04/2021 DEFAULT Submission: Change in validation of email id field of debtor
NeSL/FC/2021/0023 14/04/2021 Amendments to IU Regulations
NeSL/FC/2021/0022 01/03/2021 DDE Enhancements- Biometric Signing
NeSL/FC/2021/0021 03/02/2021 States and Union Territories offering Digital E-Stamping
NeSL/FC/2020/0020 22/12/2020 Opening New Current Accounts of customers – Usage of Debt Query
NeSL/FC/2020/0019 20/11/2020 Debt Query
NeSL/FC/2020/0018 11/09/2020 MFI fee structure effective 25th August 2020
NeSL/FC/2020/0017 27/08/2020 Revised fee Structure effective 25th August 2020
NeSL/FC/2020/0016 29/07/2020 Merger of Financial Creditor Entities in IU
NeSL/FC/2020/0015 13/05/2020 Record of Default now mandatory under Section 7
NeSL/FC/2020/0014 01/04/2020 Report Services From NeSL IU
NeSL/FC/2020/0013 26/02/2020 Data Submission for Individuals in revised Form-C 2.3IND
NeSL/FC/2020/0012 15/01/2020 Mandatory Use of Form-C v2.3 after February, 2020
NeSL/FC/2019/0011 20/12/2019 Personal Guarantors
 — 06/11/2019 Important Notice – API Service for Credit Facility Report
NeSL/FC/2019/0010 30/10/2019 Default Submission on Regular Basis
NeSL/FC/2019/0009 11/10/2019 Additional New Services and revision in Fee Structure
NeSL/FC/2019/0008 27/08/2019 Periodic Submission & Updation
NeSL/FC/2019/0007 23/08/2019 Deemed Authentication Process
NeSL/FC/2019/0006 03/07/2019 Generation of Default
NeSL/FC/2019/0005 31/05/2019 FORM C New Version (v2.3)
NeSL/FC/2019/0004 30/03/2019 Fee Reduction for submission (Individual Loan)
NeSL/FC/2019/0003 27/03/2019 Communication from Regulatory Bodies
NeSL/FC/2019/0002 26/02/2019 Additional Features of Portal
NeSL/FC/2019/0001 18/01/2019 NESL Portal Overview