Submission of Data

Home Buyers submission of data including Default Submission

Step 1
  • The Home Buyers to register as Users on our NeSL-IU Portal
  • Enter URL: & login with credentials given on User Registration
  • “Welcome to NeSL” appears
  • Select “Submission” button > “New Submission”
  • The Form C Version 3 for submission of Data appears on the Screen with different Tabs for Submitter Information, Other Party Details, Debt Information;
  • Furnish the data (mandatory fields are marked * in red colour)
Step 2
  • On selecting “New Submission” choose “New Loan” Option
  • Select “Financial” as the Debt Type from Drop-down menu
  • Again under “Financial” category, 3 options viz., “Credit Facility”, “Buyers of Property/Assets/Services” & “Debentures” would appear
  • The User is required to select “Buyers of Property” option
  • In cases where the property is purchased with loans availed from Banks/FIs, select the checkbox and enter details of Financier.
  • Under the column “Business Date”, enter the date of submission from Calendar Option(By default, the system takes the current date) ;
Step 3
  • Under the Submitter’s Information, data is auto-populated to this Screen; Verify and ensure its correctness under “Relation to Contract”, as “Creditor”;
  • In case the Registered User who is submitting the data is not “Creditor”, User is required to select his relation to the debt from the Dropdown Menu available under this Tab
Step 4
  • Under Details of Debtor, fill up the data correctly
Step 5
  • Under the Section “Debt Information”, in column “Assets/ Services Identifier” & “Assets / Services Description”, Property details need to be entered
  • Furnish the details in other columns like Date of Agreement/ Contract, Agreement Amount, Delivery Date, Amount Paid, Total Outstanding Amount, Overdue period in days, Date of first Disbursement/Advance, etc.
  • In case there is a default in completing the construction & handing over possession of the house, click “Default” box
  • The details relating to default like date of default, default amount, total outstanding amount, the overdue period in days are needed to be filled up; and click the “Submit” button
Step 6
  • The IU Fee Amount payable by the User appears on the screen; Click on the “Proceed” button
  • The Screen of undertaking cum consent for using Aadhaar based E-sign or Digital Signature appears;
  • Select Digital Signing Method i.e., Aadhaar E-sign or Digital Signature;
  • In case the User selects the Aadhaar based E-sign, the Aadhaar Number and Name appears on the Screen;
  • Click the “Save & Authenticate” button
  • Click “OK” indicating if “You want to continue”
  • The module takes the User to ESP Page/Screen
  • Enter the Aadhaar Number and click on the “Get OTP” button;
  • Enter the OTP received on his Aadhaar registered Mobile Phone, in the column meant for OTP
  • Tick the checkbox having read the contents & giving consent
  • Click on the “Submit” button
  • Screen redirected to NeSL-IU Portal, which indicates that E-sign Successful and that Form C has been successfully submitted
Step 7
  • The User is redirected to next screen wherein IU Fee “Pay now” button appears, which should be clicked
  • The system takes to Payment Gateway for making payment of IU Fee
  • IU Fee needs to be paid electronically using Debit Card / Credit Card / Internet Banking / UPI / Wallets
  • After successful payment, system re-directs to IU Module
  • Form C submitted can be downloaded and saved for future reference.
  • On successful submission of the Form C, IU system-generated email confirming the successful submission of Form C is sent
  • Concurrently, the Debtor / other parties connected to Debt are invited by email to authenticate the information submitted, on carrying out User Registration on NeSL-IU Portal
  • The status of authentication by the other parties to the Debt is informed to the Submitter by email.
  • At any stage of the above process, in case the Submitter finds any difficulty warranting guidance or assistance, he may please contact our Help Desk on Toll-Free Numbers 1800 599 2345 on email
  • In cases where the Submitter intends to report the Default in an existing loan, the procedure for the same is furnished separately
  • For submission of Documents by the Submitter, the procedure is furnished separately.