Submission of Data by Fcs/Ocs from Front End

Financial / Operational Creditors for Submission of Data from the Front end

Step 1
  • Operational Creditor to register as User on NeSL-IU Portal
  • Thereafter, enter URL:
  • After logging in, “Welcome to NeSL” Screen would appear
  • Select “Submission” button > “New Submission” option
  • The Form C Version 3 with different Tabs viz., Submitter Information, Other Party Details, Debt Information for submission of Data appears on the Screen;
  • Furnish the data (mandatory fields are marked * in red colour)
Step 2
  • On selecting “New Submission” choose “New Loan” Option
  • Select “Operational or Financial” as the Debt Type from Drop down menu;
  • Under the column “Business Date”, enter the date of submission from Calendar Option(By default, the system would take the date of current date)
Step 3
  • Under the Submitter’s Information, the data is auto-populated to this Screen; Verify and ensure its correctness
  • Under the column “Relation to Contract”, the system auto-populates as “Creditor”;
  • In case the Registered User who is submitting the data is not “Creditor”, then select ‘relation to the debt’ from the Dropdown Menu available under this Tab
Step 4
  • Under Details of Debtor, fill up the data correctly
Step 5
  • Under the column Type of Debt, the details are auto-populated based on the type of debt selected in the beginning;
  • Under the column “Debt Reference Number”, Reference Number for Operational Debt needs to be mentioned;
  • Under the column “Debt Start Date”, click the box & select the date from the calendar appearing on the screen. Date of disbursement of debt needs to be furnished here;
  • Under the column “Currency of Debt”, INR (Indian Rupees) would appear by default; In case the loan is given in any other foreign currency, the exact currency needs to be picked up from the Dropdown list.
  • Under column “Sanctioned Amount”, furnish Loan amount;
  • Under the column “Facility Name”, furnish nature of finance
  • Furnish Outstanding liability and overdue amounts that have fallen due for payment but not repaid (both installment/s & interest) as per repayment terms
  • Under the “Account Closed Flag” under Dropdown Menu, there are 3 options viz., Yes / No / Assigned; In cases where the loan is still outstanding, “No” needs to be selected.
Step 6
  • Under “Security Information”, wherever no security available, select “Not Applicable” in the checkbox
  • Wherever security is available, the data needs to be filled up
  • Under Security Information, fill up all mandatory fields
  • Select charge from drop down menu in “Type of charge
  • Select “Assets Type” from drop down menu
step 7
  • The IU Fee Amount payable by the User appears on the screen; Click on the “Proceed” button;
  • The Screen of undertaking cum consent for using Aadhaar based E-sign or Digital Signature appears;
  • Select Digital Signing Method i.e., Aadhaar E-sign or Digital Signature;
  • In case the User selects the Aadhaar based E-sign, the Aadhaar Number and Name appears on the Screen;
  • Click the “Save & Authenticate” button
  • Click “OK” indicating if “You want to continue”
  • The module takes the User to ESP Page/Screen
  • Enter the Aadhaar Number and click on the “Get OTP” button;
  • Enter the OTP received on his Aadhaar registered Mobile Phone, in the column meant for OTP
  • Tick the checkbox having read the contents & giving consent
  • Click on the “Submit” button
  • Screen redirected to NeSL-IU Portal, which indicates that E-sign Successful and that Form C has been successfully submitted
Step 8
  • IU Fee “Pay now” button appears, click on it;
  • The system takes User to Payment Gateway for payment of IU Fee
  • IU Fee needs to be paid electronically using Debit/Credit Card/Internet Banking/UPI / Wallets
  • After successful payment, the module redirects to IU module
  • Download Form C Submitted & save for future reference.
  • On successful submission of the Form C as above, NeSL System generated email is received by Submitter
  • Concurrently, the other parties connected to Debt would also be invited by email to authenticate the information submitted, on carrying out User Registration on NeSL-IU Portal
  • The status of authentication by the other parties to the Debt would be informed to the Submitter by email.
  • At any stage of the above process, in case the Submitter finds any difficulty warranting guidance or assistance, he may please contact our Help Desk/s on Toll-Free Numbers