Individual Using DSC

Individual User Registration Process using DSC

Step 1 Keep the following ready:

    • PAN Number of the Individual/Proprietor
    • Digital Signature Certificate or the ‘.CER’ File of the DSC
    • Install N-code software in the system (Laptop/Desktop);

The following are the steps to install the N-code software:

  • In User Registration Page, link with title “Pre-requisite N-code” Utility….will appear on User Identity Check Screen - with 2 options”: Click here 32-bit or 64 bit
  • Depending upon the operating system (computer) of the User, select 64 bit or 32 bit & click
  • The system will automatically download the N Code software
  • The system will ask the consent of the User; Click “I agree”
  • Click the “Next” button
  • On completing the installation, a button titled “Finish” will appear on the screen
  • Click the “Finish” button
  • The “N-Code” software download is considered complete.
Step 2
  • Enter URL:
  • Select Individual or Proprietor
  • Registration Page 1 is Open;
  • Select DSC based User Registration
  • Insert DSC token into CPU / Laptop & upload “.cer”file
  • Click “Sign Document”
  • Select the DSC & click the “OK” button
  • After validation (may take about 30 seconds), enter the password of the DSC
Step 3
  • The details entered in Page 1 of the module are auto-populated to Page 2;
  • Enter PAN number, Date of birth;
  • Click the “Validate PAN” button;
  • Where names appearing in DSC & PAN are different, the system prompts User to upload supporting documents (PAN)
  • Enter the email ID (or) telephone number of the individual
  • Tick the “Terms and Conditions Box”
  • Click the “Register” button (Green in Colour);
  • Furnishing of either email ID or mobile of the Individual is mandatory in this User Registration process
  • In cases where email ID is furnished, NeSL sends an email to the primary email ID of the Individual containing User ID for logging on to NeSL IU Portal; PAN is the User ID;
  • In cases where only a mobile number is furnished, the User ID will be sent to his mobile;
  • For Individuals, the Password is not sent; OTP generated at the time of login to IU portal and sent to registered mobile number is the password.