Generation Of Credit Facility Report

Generation of Record of Default From IU System

Step 1
  • Record of Default (RoD) from NeSL-IU System can be generated only by Creditors who submitted information as registered users of NeSL-IU;
  • Keep User ID and Password ready
Technical Note on the process followed in IU before the generation of ROD
  • In default reported loans, NeSL-IU sends Authentication Invitation email/s to Creditor furnished email ID, email ID lodged with MCA and the registered email ID of the Debtor (wherever the Debtor is registered as User on NeSL-IU Platform);
  • In cases where the debtor does not respond, NeSL reminds the debtor at least 3 times for confirmation of default by allowing 3 days each time for the debtor to respond.
  • In cases where emails sent are not successfully delivered to the addressee, Authentication Invitation Letter is sent by RPAD (Registered Post Acknowledgement Due) & followed by 3 reminders as prescribed in Regulation 21 of IBBI (IU) Regulations, 2017.
  • On completion of the above process, the Record of Default will indicate the authentication status as “Authenticated (admitted) or Disputed or Deemed to be authenticated”.
Step 2
  • Log in to URL:
  • Go to Reports Tab of the module
  • Select “Record of Default” option > “Request Bulk Record of Default” option
  • Enter the Debtor’s PAN number in the box
  • The system shows names of creditors who have reported default against that Corporate Debtor
  • Select the name of the Creditor & Click the “Submit” button
  • On successful submission of the request, one Request ID would be generated by system & would be displayed on the screen
  • Note down this “Request ID” Number
  • Go to “Download Bulk Record of Default” Option
  • Report (Request) ID numbers would appear on the screen
  • Once the status for that Request ID appears as “Success”, the Download link is enabled by the system for requested ID
  • User can download the Zip file of the Record of Default for a particular Debtor covering various loan records
  • Normally, the system takes about 10 minutes for enabling the Download Link.
  • The User can save the downloaded Records of Defaults and make further use of them.
Important Note
  • During the intervening period, in case of urgent need, the Creditor can generate the Record of default, but the authentication status in the RoD would be “Pending for authentication” with the following footnote:
  • “Note: In cases where the status of authentication has been mentioned as “Pending for Authentication, upon completion of the procedure prescribed in Regulation 21 of IBBI (Information Utility) Regulations, 2017, the final outcome of Authentication would emerge and will be reflected in the Record of Default.”