Entity Using Aadhaar

Entity “User Registration” using Aadhaar of the Authorized Representative

Step 1 The following to be kept ready:

  • For Corporate Entities: Authorization Letter issued in favour of one of its employees
  • For Partnership Firms: Partnership Deed & Authorization Letter
  • Aadhaar Card No. of the Authorized Person & Mobile Phone linked to his Aadhaar
  • “.Cer” file of the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) if available
Step 2
  • Go to URL: “https://iu.nesl.co.in
  • Select “Entity Registration” Option
  • Enter personal details of Authorized Person like - Aadhaar number, name as appearing on Aadhaar & date of birth;
  • Click the “Verify Aadhaar” button
  • Enter OTP received on his mobile, in the block & tick the box agreeing to terms & conditions for sharing details of e-KYC
  • Click the “Validate” button;
Step 3
  • Select Entity Category (Corporate or Non-corporate) & Sub-type
    (For Corporates select: “Company” or LLP”;
  • Select the origin type “Indian”
  • Enter PAN No., Name, CIN & GST numbers & address of Entity,
  • Select the State Code from drop-down menu
  • Enter the PIN Code & State Code of Billing Address of Entity
  • Enter the CIN No.(For Companies) & LLPIN No.(For LLPs)
  • Enter the Entity email ID & Telephone Number
  • Click the “Next” Button; the screen would move to Page 3
Step 4
  • In Page 3 – User Details, enter Authorized Person’s Employee ID, Designation, his/her primary email ID & secondary email ID, primary mobile number & alternate mobile number
  • In case DSC of the Entity is available, upload the “.CER” File
  • Upload the soft copy of the Authorization Letter
  • Enter details of IU Fee Payment Reference (Like NEFT UTR No.)
  • Tick “Terms and Conditions Box”
  • Click the Register Tab (Green in colour)
  • NeSL will verify the details furnished & on finding the same in order, approve the User Registration Request
  • User ID is sent by email to the primary email ID of Registered User
  • A login password will be sent to the primary mobile number of the Authorized Person
  • The said login credentials are to be used to NeSL-IU Portal and password is to be re-set immediately
  • Then the Entity Registration Process is complete.