Empanelment of Technical Service Providers (TSP)

Empanelment of Technical Service Providers (TSP)

  • NeSL’s IU platform also includes the Digital Documents Execution (DDE) service that enables digital execution of documents by facilitating digital e-stamping and e-signing of documents.
  • In order to assist the registered users of the IU platform to avail the services offered by NeSL, including DDE, Technical Service Providers (TSP) have been empanelled by NeSL.
  • An empanelled TSP shall facilitate a registered user(s) in the capacity of its Authorized Representative, as permitted by Regulation 18(5) of the IBBI (IU) Regulations, 2017

List of Technical Service Providers (alphabetically order)

TSP as "Intermediary"

Sr. No. Company Name Website
1 Autolytics Technology Private Limited https://www.actyv.com/
2 eMudhra Limited https://www.emudhra.com/

Note - above TSP may function as general TSP

General TSP

Sr No Company Name website
1 Atyati Technologies Private Limited https://www.atyati.com/
2 Envention Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd. https://www.theskygge.com
3 Extrieve Technologies Private Limited https://www.extrieve.com/
4 Grey Swift Private Limited https://www.leegality.com/
5 Jocata Financial Advisory & Technology Services Pvt Ltd https://jocata.com/
6 TSS Consultancy Private Limited https://www.trackwizz.com/

Please note that, NeSL does not endorse any products or services of any listed TSPs

Want to know more about empanelment with NeSL, please email at ddesupport@nesl.co.in