Digital Document Execution Services

IU Services and Fee Structure with effect from 01.04.2022

TABLE NO: VI Digital Document Execution services
Type of Services Category of contracts/ documents Fee Details Remarks
  • Execution of documents using Digital signature and/or digital E-stamping
  • Access, storage and retrieval
  • Digital Ledger and tracking service for DDE
Financial/debt contracts where the lender is a Financial Creditor and the borrower is an individual (other than those in Gold Debt/MFI Debt/SHG.JLG Debt and Agri Debt category) Rs. 25/- per debt contract
  • Whenever the IU records in respect of these debt contracts are submitted, the IU fee for the first 5 years (indicated in Table II) will be waived off.
  • The fee of Rs. 10/- per debt record beyond 5 years of submission in IU will continue to be applicable.
Financial/Debt Contracts where the lender is a Financial Creditor and the borrower is an individual taking either a Gold Debt/MFI Debt/ SHG/JLG Debt/Agri Debt or through National Portal Rs. 10/- per debt contract “GOLD” or “MFI” or “AGR” or “JLG” or “SHG” or "NPL" must be updated in the (Field Name “crdtsubtyp”).
Financial/Debt/Guarantee contracts where the borrower is a non-individual (Company or LLP or Other Commercial entity) Rs. 100/- per debt contract
Non loan agreements (other documents) with e-stamp by financial creditor Rs. 30/- per party to the contract
Other than debt document without e-stamp by financial creditor (nomination change, email id/mobile change etc) Rs. 10/- per document
Operational credit agreements (like supplier of goods and services, employer employee service agreements, rental agreements etc.) Rs. 30/- per party to the contract
Applicable to all categories:

  • Stamp Duty, if any, is payable by the Submitter unless otherwise agreed upon by NeSL.
  • Stamp certificate charges are at actuals (Refer point “g” of notes section).
  • Authentication of documents using Aadhaar E-sign – actuals- for details refer to point “h” and “i” of Notes section.
  • Liveness Service – Rs. 10/- transaction, when used.
  • DDE fee applicable for all transactions on the DDE platform.