Authentication Process

Authentication of Data by a non-individual borrower with Aadhaar E-sign

Step 1 Keep ‘Aadhaar Registered Mobile number’ for receiving OTP
Step 2
  • Log in to NeSL-IU Portal:
  • Log in as “Legal Entity User”
  • Enter the name of the Legal Entity & select the auto-populated PAN Number
  • Enter User ID & Password & enter CAPTCHA & click “Login” Tab
Step 3 Welcome to NeSL Screen opens

  • select “Authentication” Tab & locate the required Loan Number
  • select latest Submission Reference Number of your creditor
Step 4
Accept details of the debt
A screen titled “Form C – Debtor Authentication” opens

  • Details of the Debt as furnished by Bank / Creditor appear
  • After verifying the details, click the “Authenticate” button
  • Two options “Yes” or “No” appear;
  • If all the details are found to be correct, select the “Yes” button;
  • Tick the Circle Tab for Aadhaar based E-sign
  • Authorized Person’s Aadhaar Number and the name is displayed
  • Click the Green Colour tab for “Save & Authenticate”
  • Go to E-sign Service Provider page for E-sign
Step 5 dispute details of the debt
  • If you do not agree with details or wish to record any remarks
  • Select the “NO” button;
  • A Box Tab for affixing Remarks would open up;
  • Remarks or observations or dispute can be recorded in the box
Step 6 E-sign module and exit
  • The module takes the User to E-sign Service Provider Page
  • Enter Aadhaar Number & ‘get OTP’ button appears; click it
  • Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile linked to Aadhaar in the box
  • Click on “I have read and provide my consent” & click “Submit”
  • “Authentication Successful” message appears
  • Click the “Download” Option & download the PDF of the Form authenticated by you and save in your System

Entity User [AA1]
Enter the Entity PAN Number in the UIN Field [AA2]
Detailed steps should be added. For ex. Search for records through debt reference number etc. [AA3]
Click the view button to see the complete debt/loan details [AA4]