Operational Creditor Services

IU Services and Fee Structure with effect from 25th August 2020


Operational Creditor Services (with effect from 1st February 2021 )


Financial information or Document Submission (single transaction)

Type of Services

Fee Details


Submission of Financial Information under DDE mode or using document upload mode on front end-screen on the IU/ Invoices /Default filing / Documents/Agreements

Services include:

a) Registration of authorised signatories

b) Multi party execution

c) Digital e-stamping as per availability from state

d) Authentication of document in IU platform

e) Wallet and tracking service for DDE

f) Access, storage and retrieval


Rs.60/- per submission


To be paid by submitter

 Submission of Document

For documents stored in IU- Rs. 6/- per MB or part thereof, as a one-time Fee Document means — Purchase Or Service Order, Demand Notice, Invoice, Lorry Receipt, Transport Receipt, GRN, Debit Note, Delivery Receipt etc., and any other support doc
Generation of Electronic Demand Notice for unpaid invoice through IU (Demand Notice as per Form 3 or 4 of AA Rules) Rs 300/- per Demand Notice To be paid by submitter  as and when the legal notice is to be sent through IU


i)    Record of Default Free  
ii)   Annual Statement Free  
iii)  Other Reports Free