Notes (Fee Structure with effect from 01.04.2022)


  1. GST and other taxes as applicable will be levied over and above the fee indicated, which will be charged upon submission
  2. The Annual Renewal fee will apply to all debt records of non-individuals, wherever applicable.
  3. Classification: What is a Company/ Limited Liability Partnership/ Other Commercial entity/ Individual?
    1. Company is defined as entity incorporated under the Companies Act or a statutory enterprise incorporated under an Act of Parliament or any regulated financial creditor
    2. A Limited Liability Partnership is defined as an entity incorporated the Limited Liability partnership Act
    3. Other Commercial entity includes partnerships, proprietorships, societies, trusts, clubs, Association of Persons or any borrowing categorized as being used for business purposes
    4. Individuals are natural persons that borrow for their personal needs of housing, vehicle purchase, personal consumption or educational needs or other such borrowings by individuals
  4. For Financial Creditor services, borrower classification will be on the basis of the 4th character of the PAN number of the primary borrower.
  5. The meaning of “Year”: Year” means anniversary period from the date of submission of each debt record identified by a Unique Debt Identifier (UDI).
    For example, if a debt record of a borrower is submitted on 15thof June, 2018, the fee charged for submission will cover each year period up to 14thJune, 2019. Renewal fee will apply from 15thJune, 2019 and so on.
  6. DDE fee indicated in Table VI is for document execution services using the DDE Platform. Subsequently whenever the record is submitted on the IU platform, IU fee, unless otherwise indicated, shall become applicable.
  7. E-Stamping transaction fee is as per actuals. Currently it is Rs. 7/- per document for stamping under Stockholding (SHCIL)/GRAS
  8. Increase in Authentication charges will be passed on to the submitter/User as per changes made by the service provider.
  9. Authentication of documents using Aadhaar E-sign – when done by the principal borrower charges are included in the fees; when done by other parties to the borrowing it will attract charges of Rs 5/- for individual debt.
  10. Fee mentioned does not cover Stamp Duty amount (where applicable) which will be the actuals to be paid by the user
  11. Documents to be executed will be as permissible under IBC or as permitted by respective state government for digital e-stamping
  12. NeSL will always store the audit trail of the document execution on NeSL DDE platform
  13. The contents and the stamp duty assessed and paid for the document under the Digital Document Execution (DDE) processis the responsibility of the parties executing the document and onus of proving the ascertainment of stamp duty and the article under which the stamp duty is paid lies with the executants. NeSL neither hold any responsibility nor confirms the ascertainment ofstamp duty and article under which the stamp duty ispaid against this document.
  14. Any IT customisations will be charged on an effort basis. A rate of Rs 7500/- per person-day will be applicable.
  15. Any increase in fees will take effect from 3 months from the date of notification of the new fee structure.
  16. Post-paid mode in the Financial Creditor segment is available to customers that enter into an agreement with NeSL and undertake technical integration for bulk submission via the FTP mode.