IPs Fee Rate Card

NeSL retains the right to quote different rates to different IPs based on the number of assignments they have and cases uploaded in the ICMS/PDA system

Sr No Service / Particulars Charges
(Amount in Rs)
(Taxes Extra)
Remarks / Conditions
1 ICMS Service: End to End Insolvency Case Management Solution for CIR Process (CIRP) or Liquidation Process (LP)
1 a Large Cases (Debt Outstanding of CD of Rs.200 crore and above) Rs 15,000/-  per case per month for upto 2 users Please refer to General Conditions (Section 1) and Clarifications (section 2)
b Other than Large cases Rs 10,000/-  per case per month for upto 2 users
2 Platform for Distressed Assets 
1 VDR Service: Virtual Data Room
a i. VDR for invitation of EOI for Resolution Plan./Liquidation
ii. Invitation & Evaluation of Resolution Plans
Rs 7,500/- per case per month Please refer to General Conditions (Section 1) and Clarifications (section 2)
b Closed Cases (feeding in all the information pertaining to old cases  in Virtual Data Room through ICMS) Rs 10000/- per case
2 a E-Auction Platform for Liquidation of Assets(s) Rs 6000/- per Instance  for successful event
Rs 3000/- per Instance for unsuccessful event
  - "Instance" means auction of asset or group of assets having one reserved price
- "Unsuccessful  event" means if Liquidator/IRP/IP withdraw the auction before 45 minutes of scheduled auction time
- "Successful  event" means if Liquidator/IRP/IP conduct the auction on platform irrespective of the outcome of the auction
b E-Auction Platform (Reverse Auction for raising Interim Finance)
3 Other Services
1 Additional User fee per month basis Rs 1000/-
2 Storage of data/information in electronic mode Rs 400/-  per GB for 8 years Please refer to General Conditions (Section 1) and Clarifications (section 2)
3 Access of Information of Closed/Handover cases Rs 500/- per access Access will be available 6 Hours
4 Physical Storage of Documents at StockHolding Document Management Services Limited As per rate card Direct billing with StockHolding Document Management Services Limited
Conditions and Clarifications
1 General Conditions
1 Subscription charges of Rs.2500 per annum permits two users per case.
2 All charges (Subscription, case management, closed cases and storage) have to be paid upfront through the payment gateway.
3 All applicable Taxes and Payment gateway charges are extra and will be shown on the invoice
4 Subscriber is required to select between ICMS or PDA services at the time of registering the case.
5 Subscriber may upgrade from PDA service (VDR)  to ICMS service but cannot downgrade from ICMS service to PDA Service (VDR)
6 "Debt Outstanding of CD" will be computed on the basis of accepted outstanding amount by IRP/RP/Liquidator entered in the system. The prepaid recurring monthly case charge will increase from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 in the month following the month in which the Debt Outstanding of CD Amount increases beyond  Rs 200 crore.
7 Closed Cases in which feeding of full information pertaining to old cases is undertaken, will be charged upfront as a one-time charge.
8 Charges for eVoting, e-Auction, Reverse Auction for interim finance will be extra.
9 System will generate invoice on 1st day of every month for recurring charges for the current month.
10 In the first month when a case is registered, system will generate an invoice from the date of registration of the case to end of the month on a pro-rata basis.
11 Subscriber is required to make payment against the invoice within 3 days of Invoice date, otherwise access to the system will be denied till the payment is received.
12 Subscribers can opt to make payments in advance. Future invoices will be adjusted against the balance in the account.
13   For storage the subscrition will be for the entire period of th storage which is 8 years.
14 In case a Subscriber decides  to discontinue use ICMS/PDA service for a particular case from next month due to reason like appeal etc, Subscriber may opt for 'NO USAGE NEXT MONTH' and upload the relevant document in the option provided before the month-end to avoid paying recurring subscription charge in the following month (Subject to approval of NeSL team). Once invoiced, Subscriber  is liable to pay the invoiced amount, non-payment will lead to denial of access to the system till the payment is received
2 Clarifications
1 Case Billing Start Date Date the Case is registered / taken over by IRP/RP/Liquidator
2 Case End Date Date the Case is handed over / closed by IRP/RP/Liquidator
3 Case First Invoice dated Start Date Pro-rated from Start Date to end of month (inclusive) invoiced on Start Date
- Only Pro-rated Case Charge
4 Case Last Invoice dated End Date Prorated from 1st day of the month to the End Date (inclusive)
- Case Pro-rated Case Charge
- Case Storage Charge
5 Case Monthly Invoice dated 1st date of the month From 1st of the month to end of the month
6 Closed Case Billing Date Date the Case is uploaded in the portal along with Case Storage Charge
7 Subcription charges to IP At the time of sign up / registration of IP
8 Additional user fees At the time of creation of additional user