Individual Credit Card holders data submission

IU Services and Fee Structure with effect from 01.04.2022

TABLE NO: IV Acceptance of Financial Information for individuals from Regulated Financial Credit Card Providers
Financial Information pertaining to Individual card holders

Existing FTP method of upload

Type of Services Fee Details Annual Fee Remarks
  1. Updation on annual basis
  2. Any time Default filing
  3. Error Marking
  4. Default Broadcast under Regulation 21
  5. Filing of Closure of Card
Rs.25/- per card account as a one-time charge valid for a period of 3 years. * Rs.10/- per year for card account after initial 3 year period.

*Refer point "m" in notes

For corporate credit card the Table No I may be referred.
Submission of Document
For documents stored in IU- Rs. 6/- per MB or part thereof, as a one-time Fee Nil For documents stored as per DDE process there will be no separate charges
Digital Document Execution (DDE)
  1. Execution of documents using Digital signature and digital E-stamping in few minutes on the IU platform using DDE
  2. Updation on periodic basis
  3. Any time Default filing
  4. Error Marking
  5. Default Broadcast under Regulation 21
  6. Filing of Closure of Card
  7. Wallet and tracking service for DDE
Rs.25/- per card account as a one-time charge for the stated validity period of the card at the time of execution of the contract. --
  • Stamp Duty, if any, is payable by the Submitter
  • Stamp certificate and E-sign charges are at actuals (Refer point “d” of notes section).
Reports Credit Facilities Report
Authentication Track Record
Debtor Query Yes/No,
Record of Default
Rs 10/- for download of each report Nil To be paid by Debtor/ Borrower as User