Stakeholder Advantages

  • Financial Creditors 
  • Authenticated information as evidence
  • Reduction of asymmetry of information
  • Digital Document Execution of contracts with digital E-stamping
  • Reduction of time for retrieval of information about borrower 
  • Information of default in Operational payments by a borrower
  • Real time reports for better credit monitoring  (APIs available)
  • Reduction of delays in legal process 
  • Integration with e-Court for e-filing of Record of Default 
  • Operational Creditors 
  • Debts of Operational Creditors are filed digitally for easy retrieval 
  • Generation of Demand Notice against buyer
  • Recording of dispute details
  • Integration with MSME Samadhaan Portal 
  • Default alerts from other creditors
  • Authenticated information as evidence
  • Digital Document Execution of contracts with digital E-stamping
  • Information of default in Operational payments by a buyer
  • Integration with e-Court for e-filing of Record of Default
  • Resolution Professionals/ Liquidators
  • Integration with e-Court for e-filing of Record of Default
  • Access to debt information of debtor
  • Helpful for claim verification
  • Storage of Information in Virtual Data Room
  • End to End CIRP Solution to facilitate to adhere CIRP timelines
  • Regulatory Submissions to COC, IPA, IBBI, AA
  • Integration with eAuction platform*

DDE Stakeholder Benefits