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Application Program Interface

Version : 1.5

NeSL-IU provides a Digital Platform for execution of loan contracts. The Loans Appraisal and. Processing System of the Bank will be integrated with the DDE Module of NeSL, which will be used by calling the Web based API published by NeSL.

Version : 1.3

Provides a complete 360-degree view of the debt obligations with default details, if any, of a party across all creditors i.e. Financial Creditors (Banks, NBFC, ARCs, Debenture Trustees, HNIs) and Operational creditors etc.This document describes the process flow and the Technical Specifications of Credit Facility Report API.

Version : 1.0

The RoD faithfully reflects the default information available in IU and its status of authentication. Record of Default (RoD) from NeSL IU is to be attached along with petition against defaulting debtor in the NCLT. This is prima-facie evidence of default for admission of case u/s 7 of IBC. This document describes the technical specifications of the Record of Default Generation API